Create-A-Hat Contest: Voting Round

It wasn't easy, but we've selected the Final 4 Hats. Over the past month we've received several entries, and we would like to thank everyone for taking a little time to share their creativity with us. After much deliberation around Sheepshead HQ we have selected the Final 4 Hats. Voting begins now and ends on September 12th. Only 1 Vote is allowed per Email address. The Contest Winner will Receive the Grand Prize Pack (Your Hat + Sheepshead Gear) and eternal fame on Please take a minute to Vote for your Favorite!

VOTING HAS ENDED - Check back soon!

Cali Fever

By: Bithia Dantoumda

"This hat is only worn by those with a free spirit and those who love open expression."


By: Mackenzie Patten

"This Hat is perfect for the beach, because it is the beach."

The DJ

By: Brittany Burnett

"Calling all music enthusiasts! Whether you are cruising in your car listening to your favorite jams or at the craziest festival around, THE DJ expresses your love of good beats with a little throwback flair."

Surf's Up

By: Dylan Perlini

"A simple and perfect hat to enjoy all of the waves of life with."


VOTING HAS ENDED - Check back soon!