Sheepshead Catch and Release Fund

Supporting Fish Populations and Saltwater Habitats

We believe Sheepshead should have a purpose outside of creating your favorite hat. Thats why we've decided to give back by supporting fish populations. A percentage of the profit derived from each hat sale will go into our Sheepshead Catch and Release Fund™. The Catch and Release Fund will benefit national conservation organizations as well as local fish hatcheries including the Gulf Coast Marine Life Center and the Coastal Conservation Association. By choosing Sheepshead you put fish back into our waters. More fish means better fishing. Better fishing is good. Hakuna matata.


Step 1

Pick out the Sheepshead Hat that fits your lifestyle.

Release Fish

Step 2 

Each hat sold supports fish populations through the Sheepshead Catch and Release Fund.

Relax and Fish

Step 3

Enjoy fishing with your favorite hat.