About Sheepshead

About Sheepshead Hats

Since 2013 Sheepshead has been on an adventure to create your favorite hat. Along the way we've picked up some fans and started a small movement. Sheepshead is about embracing the unconventional and chasing spontaneity. We don't do boring. We encourage you to put down your phone and enjoy the moment. Life is too short for the ordinary. Go explore, camp, fish, party. Whatever it is you do, we strive to create headwear perfect for the occasion.

Designed with Purpose

Everyone's had a favorite hat. At Sheepshead we are "Hat People." We design Headwear and Apparel to fit the Unconventional Lifestyle. Every Sheepshead Hat is equipped with features to accommodate you in the midst of adventure. Whether you need an all-purpose hat to partner with through college, the perfect hunting hat, or you just need a hat for raging at music festivals, Sheepshead's got you covered. Check out some of the special features you can find on Sheepshead Hats.


Built for a Lifetime

We've set out to create your favorite hat. For every favorite hat we've had there have been several that didn't make the cut. What makes a hat our favorite is it's fit, style, and craftsmanship. We stand by the quality of our product. Thats why each Sheepshead Hat comes with a lifetime guarantee against all manufacturer defects. Our hats are designed in Destin, Florida to feel great, look great, and last a lifetime. Each Sheepshead hat is handcrafted using high quality wool, cotton, polymer, and leather to ensure ultimate durability. Our hats are made to be broken-in and only get more comfortable with time, plus we think they look pretty great, too.


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