Sheepshead Ambassadors

Want to represent Sheepshead doing what you love? Sheepshead Ambassadors are made up of college students, athletes, and adventure seekers all united under the spirit of spontaneity. Responsibilities include promoting Sheepshead, taking photos, videos, contests, getting free stuff, exclusive discounts, and the potential to party. Sheepshead is currently accepting applications for Spring 2018. If you love Sheepshead and would like to join please fill out the contact form below:


    Brent • Florida

    Sean • Ohio

    Alison • Maine

    Sam • Virginia

    Katie • Nevada

    Zach • Ohio

    Ande • North Carolina

    Mary • Alabama

    Elijah • Louisiana

    Trey • Florida

    Mackenzie • Pennsylvania

    Korey • Arkansas

    Andrew • Florida

    Will • Virginia

    Helen • North Carolina

    Jacob • Florida

    Madison • Arkansas

    Randy • Utah

    Kenny • Florida

    Patrick • North Carolina

    Tim • Texas

    Sean • Ohio

    Sami • Florida

    Matt • Ohio

    Kendall • Florida

    Austin • South Carolina


    Want to become an Ambassador?

    If you would like to become a Sheepshead Ambassador fill out the contact form below and tell us why you would be a good pick! Here are a few things we look for during the selection process:
    • Active and Unique People (Hobbies, Sports, Travel, Interests)
    • Photo Skillz
    • Enthusiasm
    • Active on Social Media
    • Love for Sheepshead