Made in the USA Hats

Sheepshead is committed to doing business in America 

As an American Small Business in a global economy we understand the hardships faced when competing against foreign competitors, and the importance of contributing to our own economy. Producing hats made in America is costly and difficult, but we are willing to go the extra mile to provide our Customers with the choice of buying Hats Made in the USA. Our Customers have spoken, and we are happy to be expanding our Made in the USA products.

Sheepshead Hats Made in USALike all of our hats Domeshtic and Drop-Top are designed in Destin, Florida but their components are born in the USA. Each patch is cut, sewn, and embossed in either New York or California. Once the components arrive the Hat is then assembled in Ohio, and from there the hats arrive to Sheepshead HQ in Florida. By choosing Sheepshead you've already supported an American Company, but when choosing our Made in America products you're supporting your fellow Americans.