Sheepshead U

Sheepshead U is a group of talented All-Stars spreading the good word of Sheepshead across their respective campus. The group is currently made up of over 100 guys and girls at over 75 different schools all over the country. Responsibilities include promoting Sheepshead gear on campus, getting free stuff, being rad, exclusive discounts, and the potential to party. Sheepshead U is currently taking applications for Spring 2017. If you are an enthusiastic and involved student and would like to apply, please fill out the contact form below. Be sure to tell us where you go to school, a little about yourself, and why you might make a good addition to the team!

The Members

Jacob • South Florida

Madison • Central Arkansas

Brent • UCF

Nicole • Fairfield

Will • Virginia

Sami • North Florida

Quayree • Utica

Devon • Penn State

Trey • Florida

Brennan • Marquette

Matt • Texas

Sean • Ohio

James • Indiana

Mary Grace • Auburn

Aaron • Air Force

Sam • South Carolina

Charles • West Florida

Randy • Utah

Chris • Rutgers

Sky • Tulane

Allison • St. Josephs

Caleb • Tennessee

Jason • Arizona State

Chelsea • West Alabama

Luke • Alabama

Ryan • Florida Atlantic

Spenser • Butler

Brie • Arkansas

Dylan • Auburn

Peter • Portland

Matt • Bowling Green

William • West Florida

Matt • Cal Poly

Randy • West Florida

Deana • UTSA

Austin • Clemson

Hudson • Colorado State

Max • Columbia

Ethan • East Carolina

Laura • Florida Atlantic

Chandler • Northwest Florida

Lucas • Florida State

Patrick • Appalachian State

Nick • Florida

Zack • Florida

Dylan • Troy

Connor • Hawaii

Brian • James Madison

Colin • James Madison

Reid • Kentucky

Elijah • McNeese State

Erich • Miami (Ohio)

Cam • UNC Greensboro

Clayton • Auburn

Ben • Christopher Newport

Dillon • Northwest Florida

Kenny • West Florida

Shayne • Northwest Florida

Gary • Francis Marion

Noah • Penn State

Kendall • Florida Gulf Coast

Ricky • San Diego

Taylor • Sherman College

Jesse • South Alabama

Sam • South Carolina

Ben • Southern Miss

Dillon • Florida State

Zach • Southern Miss

Ian • Stevens

Megan • Tarleton

Chad • Air Force

Tim • Texas A&M

Shea • Texas Tech

Garrett • Arizona

Ashli • Troy 

Jaime • Valdosta

Jeffrey • Tulsa

Graham • Valdosta

Drew • Appalachian State

Richard • Virginia Tech

Ashton • Wallace

Austin • Wallace

Dustin • Tennessee

Collin • West Florida

David • Southern Miss

Shawn • West Florida

Peyton • Charleston

Sullivan • Xavier

Cesar • New Mexico

Josh • Carson Newman

Garrett • Texas

Richard • Bowling Green

Eric • Towson

Philip • Hamline

Evan • West Florida

Xav • Cal Maritime

Is your School missing?

If you would like to represent your school by joining Sheepshead U fill out the contact form below and tell us why you would be a good pick! Please include any and all information that would be helpful during the selection process.