Glare-Reducing Undervisors - Sheepshead Hats

Sheepshead Glare-Reducing Undervisors

When Sheepshead was founded we asked ourselves "How do we make a hat better?" One of the first things that came to mind was better protecting our face and eyes from the sun. We began to study the competition and realized that the majority of hats out there use white or color matching undervisors. Since the only color that absorbs all wavelengths of light is black, we decided that every Sheepshead Hat would come equipped with our signature black Glare-Reducing Undervisors. After all a hat's visor is meant to provide shade, not reflect light back into your face.

The Power of Wool

Often falling short to King Cotton, wool has stylish and functional applications that make it unique. While all Sheepshead Hats come equipped with Glare-Reducing Undervisors, only the Maxwell Hat has the Premium Wool Undervisor. Using a concept similar to modern photography, the Wool Undervisor absorbs sunlight by trapping it within its dense fibers. The absorbed sunlight significantly reduces glare and light noise, improving vision and protecting your face from UV Rays. Our wool undervisors provide a unique touch to the Maxwell Hat while also performing a functional purpose.