Sheepshead Wallet Hats

Keep Your Essentials on Your Mind







Bahama Mama

The Sheepshead Wallet Hat allows you to keep up with your Essentials when pockets just won't do. Our Wallet Hats provide a secure and discrete place for you to keep your essentials. Whether you're at a music festival, the beach, or fishing, the Sheepshead Wallet Hats have a hidden location to keep your cards, cash, and stash. If Inspector Gadget had a Sheepshead Hat he'd rock one of these puppies.


At a glance the Sheepshead Wallet Hat appears to be like any other hat. 

When you look inside you might notice a nifty little Sheepshead Wallet under the sweatband.

The Sheepshead Wallet attaches to the inside of the Hats sweatband using velcro.

The Sheepshead Wallet can be detached from your Hat to avoid awkward hat checkouts.