Sheepshead Water Resistant Hats

Love the Water as much as your Hat?

Unfortunately these two passions usually don't mix. Most hats are never the same after their first contact with water. They stain, shrink, and begin to deteriorate at an accelerated rate. The Umbra Get-Wet Hat was engineered with water in mind. While we don't recommend going scuba diving with it, the Umbra Get-Wet is made of water-resistant materials. The Hat is made of nylon so it drys quickly and maintains its shape. Like all of our hats, Umbra comes equipped with a glare-reducing visor made of a water-repelling microfiber (wool doesn't hold up well in water). Custom rubber patches were designed so your hat's logo never fades, and the adjustable strap is made of nylon to prevent any shrinkage. On first glance the Umbra appears to be all party. However its been carefully designed to be water-resistant and last multiple trips to Crab Island.