Sheepshead Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Best November 23 2015

Sheepshead Holiday Gift Guide

Skip the lame socks and gift cards, we've got the Perfect Gift you're looking for! The best gifts usually come wrapped in the funnies and require a little bit of thought. At Sheepshead we pride ourselves in making unique Hats and Apparel to fit everyone's lifestyle. Whether you are shopping for your hip sister Peggy, or your crazy roommate Carl there's sure to be something in the Sheepshead Arsenal that fits. To assist you in your search for the perfect gift we've created this Sheepshead Holiday Gift Guide featuring 10 of our Best Sheepshead Gift Ideas.

10. Waterproof Hats

If you spend anytime near the water these come in handy

9. Made in USA Hats

If you have an American on your list, we've got you covered

8. Pine Tee - Dent Print

Earthtones for the outdoorsy type

7. Hunting Hats

Duck, Dove, Quail, or Whitetail - We have a Hat for the Hunter on your list

6. State Edition Hats




North Carolina

South Carolina


Don't worry if your State is not listed above, our Domeshtic Hats come standard in USA

5. Aztek Hat + Matching Koozie

For those who can't tolerate a non-matching Hat and Koozie

 4. All-New Long Sleeve Pocket Tee's

Soft, Warm, and Durable: You can't beat a Comfort Color Pocket Tee

3. Domeshtic SLS Hats

Inspired by the Sun, Land, and Sea. Made in America.

2. Bahama Mama

Pineapples for Christmas! The Create-A-Hat Contest Winner becomes a Wallet Hat Reality.

1. Sheepshead Toboggans

Whether you call it a Toboggan, Beanie, or Knitted Cap, this baby is sure to keep your head warm and your ears happy!

*Bonus: Wood Box + Koozie + Decal

The Gift the keeps giving. Every Sheepshead Hat comes inside the Sheepshead Wood Box with a Koozie and Decal.

Meaning of the Pipe Fish Hat September 03 2014

Fish Pipe Hat Smoking Bubbles

Bubbles, stripes, fish, and pipe?

We get a lot of questions about the Sheepshead pipe fish on Your Favorite Hat. Some think it's a reference to hippie culture, while others believe it was inspired by a cartoon. Our mouths are shut about our logos true origins, but we'll give you a hint on the pipe fish meaning.

Your Favorite Hat

At Sheepshead we want to deliver Your Favorite Hat. Wether its the Maxwell, Domeshtic, or Umbra, our hats are built with a purpose and designed to last a lifetime. We hope that each hat carries a little piece of the Sheepshead Lifestyle along with it. Our lifestyle is about relishing in the simple pleasures of life. Its about putting off an assignment to enjoy patio time with friends, skipping work to go fishing, or starting the day off with a shower beer. Put simply, the Sheepshead Lifestyle is "livin' easy." When you choose Sheepshead we hope that you'll take time to enjoy the simple pleasures. Just like the simple pleasure you get from wearing your favorite hat.

Pipe Fish Logo

So whats with the fish smoking a pipe with bubbles? We like to think fish pipe hat represents the Sheepshead Lifestyle. The logo has a chill vibe, while still holding a sense of humor. The pipe fish represents enjoyment of the simple pleasures and not taking things too serious. Still wondering whats in the Fish's pipe? They're bubbles... obviously.

Sheepshead Hat Fish Pipe Logo