Make America Macarena Again (MAMA) Hat April 01 2016

Lately at Sheepshead we've felt the political tensions in America rising to an all time high. Never before have Americans been so divided. In the midst of toxic news coverage and social media battlegrounds, we felt compelled to create a Hat that would bring the country together again. Looking to the past for inspiration we found a certain song and dance phenomenon that once united us. The year was 1995, Toy Story and Waterworld were rocking the box office, Bill Clinton was in the White House, and the Macarena took America by storm.  

Introducing the Sheepshead MAMA Hat. It's political message is simple, "Make America Macarena Again" (MAMA). Whether you support Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or you're feeling the Bern, we want to encourage you to stop and share the Macarena with a fellow American. Go ahead and play the video below to feel the political tensions ease.

We are Sheepshead and we approve this April Fools message.