CCA Edition Maxwell Hats September 15 2014

Sheepshead CCA Edition Hats

Sheepshead and CCA Florida have joined forces in an effort to make a greater impact in the world of marine conservation - and you can be a part too! While every Sheepshead Hat benefits the Catch and Release Fund, the CCA Edition Hats contribute directly to the Coastal Conservation Association Florida. CCA Florida is an organization dedicated to conserving and protecting Florida's marine resources. By choosing Sheepshead you put fish back into our waters. More fish means better fishing, and better fishing is good! 

Want to make an even bigger splash in marine conservation? Head over to the Coastal Conservation Association and check out the benefits of becoming a CCA Member today!

CCA Florida Sheepshead Hats



Water-Resistant Umbra Hats September 12 2014

We understand that some of us love our favorite hat as much as we love water

Unfortunately these two passions usually don't mix. Most hats are never the same after their first contact with water. They stain, shrink, and begin to deteriorate at an accelerated rate. The Umbra Get-Wet Hat was engineered with water in mind. While we don't recommend going scuba diving with it, the Umbra Get-Wet is made of water-resistant materials. The majority of the hat is nylon so it drys quickly and maintains its shape. Like all of our hats, Umbra comes equipped with a glare-reducing visor made of a water-repelling microfiber (wool doesn't hold up well in water). Custom rubber patches were designed so your hat's logo never fades, and the adjustable strap is made of nylon to prevent any shrinkage. On first glance the Umbra appears to be all party. However its been carefully designed to be water-resistant and last multiple trips to Crab Island.

Meaning of the Pipe Fish Hat September 03 2014

Fish Pipe Hat Smoking Bubbles

Bubbles, stripes, fish, and pipe?

We get a lot of questions about the Sheepshead pipe fish on Your Favorite Hat. Some think it's a reference to hippie culture, while others believe it was inspired by a cartoon. Our mouths are shut about our logos true origins, but we'll give you a hint on the pipe fish meaning.

Your Favorite Hat

At Sheepshead we want to deliver Your Favorite Hat. Wether its the Maxwell, Domeshtic, or Umbra, our hats are built with a purpose and designed to last a lifetime. We hope that each hat carries a little piece of the Sheepshead Lifestyle along with it. Our lifestyle is about relishing in the simple pleasures of life. Its about putting off an assignment to enjoy patio time with friends, skipping work to go fishing, or starting the day off with a shower beer. Put simply, the Sheepshead Lifestyle is "livin' easy." When you choose Sheepshead we hope that you'll take time to enjoy the simple pleasures. Just like the simple pleasure you get from wearing your favorite hat.

Pipe Fish Logo

So whats with the fish smoking a pipe with bubbles? We like to think fish pipe hat represents the Sheepshead Lifestyle. The logo has a chill vibe, while still holding a sense of humor. The pipe fish represents enjoyment of the simple pleasures and not taking things too serious. Still wondering whats in the Fish's pipe? They're bubbles... obviously.

Sheepshead Hat Fish Pipe Logo