Top 12 Reasons Sheepshead Hats Make the Perfect Gift November 04 2015

Whether you are gift shopping for the Holidays or you need the perfect Groomsman Gift, we've created an Internet List to help you out. Everyone knows that Internet Lists are extremely accurate and factual, plus they help get you through class and work. Here are the Top 12 Reasons why Sheepshead Hats make the Perfect Gift.

12. It's the perfect gift for someone who has everything

Have someone on your list that has it all? Who doesn't need a new hat?

11. One Size Fits All

No need to worry about picking the right size, all of our hats are adjustable. Check out our sizing guide for more info

10. Spending too much on gift can get weird

Unless its immediate family or a significant other, overspending on a gift can say too much. 

9. Their Favorite Hat

Give a Sheepshead Gift Card and let them choose Their Favorite Hat.

8. Lightning Fast Shipping FREE on Orders over $60

All orders arrive in 1 to 3 Business Days

7. Functional Design


We've set out to make hats better. Every Sheepshead Hat features functional design that's sure to make it their Favorite Hat. Check out the icons above to learn more about some of our Hat Features

6. It's Unique

It's not a panini press or a pair of socks, this gift took some thought.

5. Each Hat Comes with a Koozie and Decal

We heard you like gifts, so we put gifts inside your gift

4. Supports Catch and Release

Each Hat contributes to the Sheepshead Catch and Release Fund, benefiting fish populations and saltwater habitats.

3. Basically comes wrapped

With the best packaging in the game you can leave the wrapping to us. Sheepshead Hats come wrapped and packed in a wooden Sheepshead Box. 

2. Lifetime Warranty

Did your last hat come with a Guarantee? Didn't think so

1. We've got a hat for everyone

Guy or Girl, Young or Old, Hunter or Hippie, we've got a hat that fits