12 Reasons Why You Can't Festival Without Sheepshead *in GIFs* June 19 2015


It's halfway through March and for those of us in the South East, that means warmer weather will be here as Spring begins.  And we all know what higher temperatures mean: less clothing, more partying, and the 2015 Music Festival season.  Here are our top reasons why you won't survive a festival without Sheepshead:

 1.  Let’s face it: we all need something to help deflect the endless overstimulation of professional grade pyrotechnics and lasers

2.  Keeping your head and face out of the sun for 3 days straight will definitely help you avoid the leather look…

3.  Something about the sun the morning after a festival is just a little bit TOO BRIGHT

4.  Our Wallet Hats will free up your hands for…well anything

5.  The Sheepshead Wallet Hat has endless hidden value

6.  Fellas: ladies love the mystery of The Man who wears a hat

7.  Ladies: when a guy sees you wearing a d0pe hat at his favorite set he’ll probably introduce himself like...

8.  Not all of us can maintain a perfectly blown out flow after dancing ‘til the sun comes up.

9.  Honestly, Daft Punk helmets are just too hot for the summer

10.  Everyone’s already done the Mau5 head…


11.  Once the stage starts throwing out the giant balloons, you’re safe!

12.  You’re practically guaranteed to expand your festival fam just by wearing one!

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