13 Reasons Why You Need Sheepshead On Spring Break February 10 2015

Halloween and Cinco De Mayo are great, but nothing compares to the liberating spirit of Spring Break. Our greatest gift from the Baby Boomers, Spring Break is right around the corner. Whether you're heading to Padre, Cancun, Panama City, Cabo, Vegas or Destin, we've got the Spring Break Essentials you need.

13. Sun's out, guns out

Because Tanks are a superior article of clothing during Spring Break

12. Sheepshead Wallet Hats

Perfect if you don't have pockets, or you aren't wearing pants.

11. Relief from the Sun

Skin cancer is no joke. Protect your face and body with Sheepshead Hats and Apparel

10. Tracking Beacon for your Lost Friend

Every group has the Lost Friend. Avoid playing Waldo and mark him with a Sheepshead Hat

9. Glare Reducing Visors

Each Sheepshead Hat is equipped with a Glare Reducing Visor, because Spring Break is too short for squinting eyes

8. Water/Beer Resistant Hats

Because your Hat getting Wet is a legitimate issue on Spring Break

7. It's Different.

In a sea of similarity it's guaranteed to start a conversation

6.a. Ladies love a guy in Sheepshead

6.b. Ladies love Sheepshead


5. Sheepshead Guarantee

Sheepshead Hats are built to last. Every Hat comes backed by the Sheepshead Guarantee.

4. Made in USA Hats

We offer Hats Made in the USA if you'd like to be a Patriot and support your fellow Americans.

3. Hats come with a Koozie

Spring Break Hat + Spring Break Koozie? That's two birds with one stone

2. Stash Box

Sheepshead Hats come shipped in a Wooden Box. What you choose to keep inside is up to you

1. There's a Sheepshead Hat for every Spring Breaker

With Sheepshead Hats, chicks will literally be climbing into your Jeep on Padre Island