Sheepshead Domeshtic Hat 2.0 Press Release June 22 2015

At Sheepshead we're always looking for ways to make your favorite Hats even better. Since Sheepshead launched in July 2014, one of our most popular models has been the Domeshtic. The Sheepshead Domeshtic Hat is exactly what it sounds like, a meshback Hat made right here in America. While the majority of our customers love their original Domeshtic, some customers with larger heads experienced size and fitting issues. We immediately hit the drawing board to figure out how to make Domeshtic more accommodating to the majority of noggins out there, while also making the Hats even better. The Sheepshead design team recruited customers with mellon-heads and regular heads to sample and try on several prototypes which ultimately lead to Domeshtic 2.0. We're extremely happy with the new and improved Domeshtic Hat and we hope you'll love it too!

Deeper Fit

Domeshtic 2.0 fits further down on your head than it's predecessor. This accommodates bigger heads, while also improving snuggability (it's not going to blow off your head).

Moisture-Wicking Sweatband

Domeshtic 2.0 also includes the new Moisture-Wicking Sweatband. This sweatband not only makes life better on a Hot day, but it's also extremely comfortable. It feels sorta like a marshmallow wrapped around your head. It's also wider fitting than our previous model, so it'll fit larger heads too!

New Color: Snapper

Domeshtic was previously offered in 4 styles, so we added Snapper to the group. We'll let you decide if the name pays homage to the fish or the lawn mowers.

State Edition Hats or USA 

Originally Domeshtic was only offered with the USA Flag on the rear to express your support of Made in USA products. While we love this great country most of all, there's nothing wrong with expressing a little state pride too! You can now find select Sheepshead Domeshtic Hats in State Editions too. Sheepshead Domeshtic State Edition Hats are available in the following Colors.
We'll be producing more State Edition Hats in the future, so if your State is missing let us know and maybe you'll see it soon!